Brand Protection & Assistance

Making your business safer and easier

Looking out for possible errors and mistakes is always a step ahead of others. Counterfeits and hijackers are always up for intervening in the privacy listings on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you will be ready to face challenges. The forgery, a false attempt by the hijackers, puts your sales and expenses at severe risk.

SAECOM is strictly against counterfeits and takes actions to prevent them from intervening. Our expert team is working 24/7 to detect such errors, remove them, and take possible measures for the protection of Amazon stores. If you are looking to enhance your sales and brand awareness, then shielding your listing is a top priority.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident

Protecting your Amazon brand is our top priority for brand assistance and safety. The surveillance of our expert team at account reduces the intervention of counterfeits and hijackers. They try to sell your products by applying black hat tricks and making your business fall short. So without any proper protection, the product listings are at high risk. SAECOM maintains high vigilance over your listings to avoid encountering errors and problems.

Importance of brand protection and assistance by SAECOM

We are truly indulged with your brand practices, considering them our own, whereas the importance of brand assistance stands out at

Watching closely

Counterfeits leave their mark somehow. Our expert team is monitoring your account activities closely. To be marked as safe or take appropriate measures for such black hats.

Immediate action

Encountering hijackers takes no time when it's handled by SAECOM. We have the ability to spot such dishonesty by third parties. As soon as we confirm their presence, we comply with Amazon's FBA policies and take immediate measures. Protecting your brand is our top priority.

Reliable protection

Our extensive experience with Amazon account protection has equipped us with comprehensive knowledge about all acts. Delivering our results beyond our clients expectations is of prime importance. Our expert team will make you go for the brand registry to make your account more secure.

Execution of strategies to enhance your brand isn’t enough; you need to be proactive in handling situations that are going to be harmful for your brand. SAECOM truly supports dealing with business with honesty, as that leads only to success.

We are always up for solving problems with the best solutions. Don’t let hijackers overcome your sales and growth. We encourage sellers to interact with our team to defend their businesses and protect their brands from trespassing and intervening.

Brand Protection & Assistance Includes:

Pricing: $1000

Frequently Asked Questions.

Amazon Brand Protection refers to the proactive measures taken by brand owners and sellers to safeguard their intellectual property rights and maintain control over their brand presence on the Amazon platform. It involves monitoring, detecting, and mitigating potential violations of brand rights, such as counterfeit products, unauthorized sellers, and listing infringements.

Brand Protection on Amazon is crucial to maintain brand integrity, reputation, and customer trust. It helps prevent counterfeit products from entering the market, ensures that authorized sellers are selling genuine products, and reduces the risk of negative customer experiences.

Yes, Amazon takes brand protection seriously, and failure to address or resolve repeated brand violations can lead to account suspensions. Maintaining a strong brand protection strategy is essential to avoid such issues.

Effective Amazon Brand Protection can lead to increased customer trust, higher sales, better control over your brand's reputation, and reduced instances of counterfeit products, ultimately resulting in a stronger and more successful brand presence on Amazon.