Reimbursement & Refund

Reimbursement and Refund services for amazon

We know how hectic it is to recover your inventory once it is lost or out of order, as amazon is a humongous platform and with millions of transactions everyday errors likely to occur at your expense. So it is our core duty to ensure that we claim the pending reimbursements and keep a regular check on our clients account to prevail over any such losses. Do you know that Amazon won’t process a reimbursement itself unless it is claimed by the seller? So there might be many things that amazon may owe you and you would not be aware. So our expert tank keeps an open eye on cases where you might be eligible for refunds and reimbursements, we make sure that all the quality standards are met from our end.


Overall Check

We keep a regular check on your account, and we identify damaged and missing inventory by following all the steps one by one. In this way, we have a record of the inventory, and no units can be missed by FBA.


We track Amazon’s warehouse just to make sure that damaged or lost products are compensated.

Return Handling

Our team handles returned orders and makes sure that received orders and reimbursements match up. Our team ensures that you do not have to pay any extra charges like Amazon commissions, dimensional charges, etc. We also assure that every customer return will be refunded for what they were initially charged. In this way, the brand image is maintained.

Damaged Goods

We also look deeply into goods that might be damaged by the inbound shipper and make sure that shipped items are replaced and returned before the deadline. We ensure that Amazon refunds the full amount for refunds and reimbursements, as our professional team is aware of all the loopholes.

Reimbursement and Refund services Includes:

Pricing: $1000