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Amazon A+ content, or enhanced brand content, provides sellers who are enrolled in the brand registry program at Amazon with the opportunity to add up graphical images along with aligned text. This feature is found to be beneficial as it increases the ability to showcase the product benefits more accurately while increasing brand awareness.

SAECOM enhances the product pages with appealing A+ content containing all the relevant information with extensive keyword research and describing graphical content. Approval of EBC content might be difficult for others, but the SAECOM expert graphics team vanquishes the chance of rejection with our win-win strategy!

Amazon Brand EBC Content Portfolio

Countless benefits of EBC by SAECOM

Increases the conversion rate

As per Amazon, the conversion rate increases by 3–10% by displaying the EBC on product pages. Just as SAECOM does not opt for statistics, it works to turn to practicality.

Appeals to shoppers to see

The enriched content with the best graphical representation drives shoppers to watch the product pages. That also plays a vital role in increasing the ROI and minimising ACOS with our efficient tactics.

Providing complete information

The product listing requires descriptive information highlighting the basics, benefits, and ends of the products. whereas the graphical representation through images increases visibility and provides more detailed information. SAECOM knows how to manage, along with our efficient backend team.

Adds up to a professional and branded look

The EBC gives a more professional and branded look to Amazon listings. SAECOM handles EBC content with more probability and minimises the chance of mistakes. Unlike others, clients find us more professional and honest with our work.

Ensuring our goals are different and optimistic

A+ Content Includes:

Pricing: $1000

Frequently Asked Questions.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), also known as A+ Content, is a feature that allows brand owners and sellers in the Amazon Brand Registry to enhance their product detail pages with more engaging and visually rich content. It enables sellers to use enhanced images and multimedia to create more informative and attractive product listings.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content offers several benefits to sellers:

  • Improved Conversion: Enhanced product listings with visually appealing content can increase conversion rates by providing a better shopping experience.
  • Brand Storytelling: A+ Content allows sellers to showcase their brand's unique story, values, and benefits, fostering a stronger connection with customers.
  • Enhanced Product Information: Sellers can use additional images and text to provide more comprehensive information about their products.

Yes, Amazon provides a preview option, allowing you to see how your Enhanced Brand Content will appear on your product detail page before finalizing and publishing it.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is available for professional sellers in the Brand Registry, but it is not applicable to all product categories. Check Amazon's guidelines to see if your product category is eligible for Enhanced Brand Content.