When you are working as an Amazon FBA seller, issues arise. Errors may be in UPC codes, flat file creation, or anything else. Somehow, these errors are vital for uploading, so they should be resolved before uploading. whereas the evaluation of issues is very essential for running a healthy seller central.


SAECOM is helping to resolve your issues related to product or brand issues. People usually get confused and worry about the solution to their problem but cannot find it. Our expert team is always available for assistance at your end; it’s time now not to worry when we are here.

We provide our expertise at

Account health

We will help you to improve your Amazon account health by reviewing your account, checking for areas for improvement, removing your current issues, and helping you to improve your Amazon account health.


Amazon has strict policies and guidelines for registering a trademark, but with our 7+ years of experience, we are going to help you register your trademark so you can protect your brand and listings on Amazon.


Brand enrollment and brand approval are necessary steps to sell your products on Amazon and build a valuable brand there. And we are here to help you enroll your brand with documentation, and you can get brand approval from Amazon with our help, so you can freely claim a brand name and rank your products under the brand name.

Product Listings

Amazon has different policies and guidelines for different categories. To list your product, first you should know the policies and guidelines of Amazon related to your product niche. For high-volume listings, we use Amazon flat files to create listings, and people face different kinds of issues related to listings while creating them through Amazon flat files. We are experts in listing products manually and through flat files as well as resolving all issues that can occur during listing creation.

Category Approval

It’s an important factor for Amazon to list and approve a product in the right category. Sometimes Amazon creates issues with ranking your products because they were listed in the wrong category, and sometimes Amazon restricts a product due to an inappropriate category. And we will help you list your products in the exact relevant categories.

EBC content issues

EBC content plays the main role in conversions into sales, and we are creative designers to help you resolve the issue you are facing while creating EBC content. We will help you find out where Amazon can restrict you according to its policies and will resolve your issues with our core expertise and massive experience in working with Amazon.


Storefront Designing

A storefront is a single or multiple pages inside the website type of Amazon, and you can showcase your products like a mini e-commerce website. Sometimes Amazon restricts storefront designs and product additions due to content, pictures, graphics, or restricted keywords, but we will help you resolve your issue and design an imaginative storefront.

PPC campaign management Includes:

Pricing: $1000


Frequently Asked Questions.

Amazon Troubleshooting refers to the process of identifying and resolving issues that sellers may encounter while using the Amazon platform. It involves diagnosing problems and finding effective solutions to ensure smooth operations and sales on the platform.

Amazon Troubleshooting can address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Listing Problems: Fixing issues with product listings, such as incorrect information, missing details, or suppressed listings.
  • Order and Shipping Issues: Resolving problems related to order processing, shipping delays, or delivery concerns.
  • Account Problems: Assisting with account suspensions, policy violations, or account-related inquiries.
  • Payment and Fee Concerns: Addressing payment issues, overcharged fees, or financial discrepancies.
  • Technical Glitches: Troubleshooting technical problems with the Amazon Seller Central dashboard or other tools.

To troubleshoot listing issues, review your product listings thoroughly. Check for missing or inaccurate information, ensure that your product titles and descriptions are clear and optimized, and use high-quality images. If the problem persists, reach out to Amazon Seller Support for further assistance.

Absolutely! Many Amazon consultants or agencies offer troubleshooting services. They have experience dealing with a wide range of issues and can provide valuable assistance in resolving problems efficiently.