Amazon PPC campaign - A complete guide in 2023

Amazon PPC campaign – A complete guide in 2023

Competition and the market are really increasing day by day. At that point, you can’t survive all alone, and you need an Amazon marketing agency such as SAECOM. The initial and simplest method is to see how much other competitors are bidding on specific keywords. We accomplish this by using Amazon PPC campaign. Then, in a campaign, we add exact keywords and approximate keywords with Amazon Bids.

Amazon competitor analysis has become critical for companies and sellers looking to compete with their competitors. The hyper-competitive nature of Amazon, combined with the long-standing focus on user-centered data, has created an opportunity for market-aware advertisers—that is, those that know and learn from their competition—to improve sales, market share, and the impact of ad expenditure. In this blog, we are going to discuss the sponsored ads amazon, their features and compatibility, benefits, and effect on your seller central.

    • What is an Amazon competitor analysis?

    • Why Competitor Analysis Matters in Amazon PPC Campaigns

    • Identifying your competitors

    • Analyzing competitor keywords

    • Audit your Amazon competitors’ product pages.

    • Uncovering bid strategies

    • Conclusion

What is an Amazon competitor analysis?

A competitor analysis on Amazon is the act of defining, recognizing, and understanding the Amazon products that compete with your product catalog. This data can then be utilized to optimize your product listings, setups, and advertising in order to steal sales from competitors.

Why Competitor Analysis Matters in Amazon PPC Campaigns?

Competitor analysis is more than just keeping tabs on your competitors; it’s also about identifying insights that might help influence your Amazon PPC campaign. Understanding what your competitors are doing well and identifying their weak points gives you a strategic advantage in the ever-changing Amazon marketplace.

Identifying your competitors at Amazon PPC

Before you begin the analysis, you must first identify your competitors. Begin with products that are similar to yours. Examine the listings that display next to your goods in the search results. These are your direct competitors. Consider products that appeal to the same target population as your offering, even if they are not identical.

Analyzing competitor keywords at Sponsored ads

Secondary competitors will include businesses that sell things that are related to what you’re selling. For example, if you sell pots, this category could include companies that sell skillets.

Keyword research is crucial to Amazon’s PPC success. Tools like Amazon’s “Search Terms” report can disclose the terms that your competitors are using to drive traffic as well as sales. Determine which keywords are frequently used by successful competitors and consider integrating them into your marketing.

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Audit your Amazon competitors’ product pages.

Examine your competitors’ product titles, amazon listing photos, reviews, and so on, and then compare them to your Amazon product page. Is there anything you can add or change to make yours stand out? Do your competitors’ descriptions and bullet points contain unambiguous, appealing words?

There are some of the things at which you can look:

    • Titles

    • Images

    • Reviews and ratings

    • Bullet points

Uncovering bid strategies at Amazon PPC campaigns

While you can’t see your competitors’ bid amounts, you can get a sense of their competition by looking at their ad positions. Do they constantly appear at the top of search results? This might indicate increased bidding. Keep an eye out for these patterns to help you fine-tune your selling approach.

Examine their Amazon PPC campaign to discover how you might imitate what works while being true to your brand’s voice. If you’re just getting started, an Amazon competition evaluation can help you learn how to reach the target consumers that your competitors are currently engaging with through the correct SEO strategy.


Competitor analysis is a continuous activity, not a one-time task. The Amazon’s surface is always shifting, as are the methods of your competitors. Revisit your analysis on a regular basis and make any adjustments to your PPC advertising.

Price is an important consideration for Amazon buyers. While you don’t want to get into a price war, understanding your competitors’ pricing methods might help you position your product more competitively or demonstrate additional value.

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