How does image optimization play a role in increasing sales?

Amazon Product Listing Images 

Your Amazon listing images are extremely important because 75% of online customers rely on good product photos. A product’s visual components are essential. Without a nice image, you won’t likely attract new clients. 

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of image optimization. Even if you are an online merchant with a wonderful product, an engaging description, and competitive pricing, you may still be completely unfulfilled without. Whether you run an e-commerce business and sell on Amazon or another platform, you will undoubtedly need effective product photography. 

Studio-lit product photography and lifestyle product photography are the two main categories of photography. The expense of hiring an expert may quickly go up, which is difficult for small firms. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of well-optimized product listing images, how they turn out to be beneficial for sales, and what things are necessary for good product images.

What is Amazon Product Listing Optimization?

The practice of selecting photographs that improve your conversion rate for Amazon products is known as Amazon Product Image Optimization. Selecting the ideal images will motivate customers to take something. 

Although, your main objective, like other types of optimization (like SEO), is to satisfy the demands of your platform. If you’ve ever sold something on Amazon, you are aware of how specific the marketplace can be. Meeting the minimal requirements is the first step in optimizing product images.

Requirements for the Best Amazon Product Images:

  • 85% of your image must be taken up by your product. This makes it easier for Amazon customers to understand what they are buying.
  • The best size for your image on the longest side is between 1600 and 10000 pixels. Although Amazon gives you the option of 500 pixels, a smaller image will have less zoom.
  • Your photos must be in one of the JPEG, TIFF, or GIF file types. Amazon’s preferred file format is JPEG. GIFs with animations cannot be uploaded.
  • No pixelation, blurriness, or other signs of low quality are allowed in your photographs.
  • Any mention of Amazon, its trademarks, or any of their variations is prohibited in any of your images. (There are no mentions of Alexa or Prime.)
  • Any badges from Amazon (such as Amazon’s Choice, Works with Amazon Alexa, etc.) cannot be included in your images.

First impressions matter a lot.

When customers browse through product listings, the visual representation of the product is what first catches their attention. Visitors might be immediately impressed and have their curiosity awakened by high-quality, optimized photographs. That means displaying the product from multiple perspectives, highlighting its important characteristics, and giving a clear sense of its size and measurements.

Building Credibility and Trust

Buyers are more likely to believe a brand when the image quality is at its best. Images that are clear, brightly lit, and accurately represent the appearance and details of the product help in managing client expectations and reduce the likelihood of returns or disappointment. When consumers have faith in the product they are thinking about, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Improved visibility in search results:

Image optimization is so important for increasing the visibility of your products in search results because search engines favor visual material. image optimization SAECOM FBA Pro is well known for its exceptional services at Amazon Seller Central. When you are looking for the best image optimization service, look no further than SAECOM FBA Pro, the best Amazon marketing agency in Vancouver.

Emotional Connection and Engagement:

Using images that evoke their emotions can make strong connections with potential clients. You may awaken desire and encourage clients to picture themselves benefiting from the product by showing it in real-life scenarios or describing its useful applications, which will increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

Social Media Sharing and Virality:

more likely to share product photos optimized for social media, expanding the reach and visibility of your business. Engaging images have the potential to go viral, bringing in new clients and increasing traffic to your e-commerce site, which will ultimately result in improved conversion rates and sales. 

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Respect for platform standards:

Different e-commerce platforms have different image standards and criteria.

The platform recommends that you edit your photos to increase the likelihood that your products will be showcased in the platform’s selected and highlighted product lists.

Looking for the best Amazon image optimization agency?

A successful e-commerce strategy must include image optimization. You may not only draw in more customers but also increase revenue and create a solid and devoted customer base by giving priority to high-quality, captivating, and correctly optimized photographs. 

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