Amazon Account: Deactivated or Suspended? Prevent Either Such Actions

Amazon Account Deactivated

You may become aware that your Amazon account deactivated. The purpose of Amazon account suspensions and deactivations is to ensure that users have a reliable purchasing experience. 

It can be a disaster for an Amazon seller to have their account deactivated or suspended. In addition to causing financial loss, it may also harm your reputation and hinder your ability to resume selling on the platform.

Suspension of an Amazon Seller Account: What Is It?

A vendor’s account suspension is a condition that is subject to change. With regard to contracts and accounts, an account suspension denotes a transient condition in which regular operations are prohibited; this signifies a decline in reputation without imminent catastrophe. 

A suspension of an Amazon seller account is imposed on merchants who are suspected of having violated the platform’s policies or regulations. Sellers who have a suspended account are denied the ability to sell. Suspending an account also renders funds inaccessible. 

These restrictions are temporary; you are required to communicate with Amazon again within ninety days of receiving the notice of suspension. You will receive this notice detailing the rationale behind your suspension. The reasons include the following: 

  • The quantity of negative reviews demonstrates a poor client experience.
  • Continually failing to meet the performance target score
  • selling counterfeit products in order to pilfer the intellectual property of another vendor.
  • The sale of forbidden goods
  • Delayed deliveries, whether facilitated by Amazon FBA or vendor fulfilment 

After being notified of the precise infraction, you will be required to submit an appeal letter that includes the following information:

Strategies for Adhering to Amazon’s Policies Moving Forward

Upon acceptance of your appeal, the prohibition on your Amazon seller account will be revoked, and your account will be reinstated. You will be permitted to resume retailing on Amazon. 

What Is the Meaning of “Amazon Account Deactivated”?

A deactivated account signifies a total cessation of activity; no further actions can be taken. Additionally, the removal of any data and assets stored in the account may be encompassed. Deactivating an Amazon account not only prevents sellers from engaging in sales activities on the platform but also eliminates the diligently curated product listings. 

Similar to account suspension, deactivation is subject to appeal. Upon achieving this, your account will be reinstated. Nonetheless, you will require a solid strategy and supplementary documentation. A third-party agency is recommended in order to assist with the intricate process of establishing credibility as a vendor on Amazon. 

Amazon may choose to deactivate or suspend an account for a variety of reasons. The Amazon team closely monitors suspicious activity and promptly responds to reports involving both seller and consumer accounts. In order to address concerns and enforce a policy of zero tolerance towards fraudulent reviews and customer feedback, excessive negative feedback, counterfeit products, deceptive PPC advertising, and other such matters, the e-commerce platform is consistently developing new features and services. 

Nonetheless, it is possible to take measures to prevent these from occurring initially. To assist you in maintaining a good standing on Amazon, we will define deactivation and suspension of your account as well as define the Amazon Health Rating in this article.

My account as an Amazon seller has been suspended or deactivated. What Then? 

These are both significant inconveniences. You should therefore make maintaining outstanding Amazon seller performance a top priority in order to avoid these issues. 

What is the function of the Amazon Account Health Rating?

Detailed below are the fundamentals of how AHR operates:

  • 200 points are awarded to all Amazon Seller accounts upon account creation.
  • A green AHR (a score between 200 and 1000) indicates that your Amazon vendor account is “healthy” and immune to suspension or deactivation.
  • Your seller account is deemed “at risk” if an AHR reads purple (100–199). Immediately examine the Account Health Page for any policy or listing violations. Resolve them promptly in order to regain your points.
  • A red AHR (a score of 99 or lower) indicates that your account is “unhealthy” and, if not already, is at risk of being deactivated or suspended. At this juncture, your selling privileges will be restricted.

Deductions under the AHR point system are proportional to the severity of policy violations. The severity of these infractions determines their ranking: critical, high, medium, or low.

A penalty of an increase in violation points will be imposed for each subsequent offence. Additionally, each rule imposes a maximum number of recurrent policy violations. An instance of infringement is limited to five repetitions, whereas the sale of prohibited items receives a maximum of two. 

Your business’s scale is considered by the AHR when determining its rates. Amazon provides the scenario of having ten orders, of which one requires attention. Your AHR will not decrease, even though 10% of your store is affected. 

Amazon may and will deactivate your account without notice, even if you have a “healthy” seller account, if there is any suspicion of fraudulent, unlawful, or otherwise harmful activity.

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Amazon takes various precautions to protect its customers, including account suspensions and the deactivation of listings. Consequently, a single erroneous action or fraudulent report can have severe repercussions. Restoring and appealing your account necessitates a timely and astute course of action. 

Amazon Account Deactivated

The redesigned Account Health Rating system demonstrates that Amazon is, thankfully, addressing seller-related issues and concerns in novel ways. Notwithstanding this, the brand retains primary responsibility for account health, and it is advantageous to have a dependable team supporting you. 

What is done, however, remains done. Despite this, there remains optimism! Whether the situation involves genuine negligence on the part of Amazon or a deliberate attempt by third parties to harm your brand, you have the option to submit an appeal letter to the company. Restore your selling privileges and account reinstatement by contesting the suspension or deactivation using this brief guide

Amazon Seller Rating

  • Access the Seller Central page. When the Performance pane is visible, select Account Health from the drop-down menu.
  • Your navigation will change to the Account Health Page. Locate the Reactivate Suspended Account link at the page’s top.
  • You may be required to submit a plan of action along with supporting documentation; adhere to the instructions.
  • Select “Submit.”
  • Keep an eye on your inbox. Within two days, the Amazon Seller Performance team is expected to respond. 

Verify that, if your account remains active and a mere one or two of your listings have been deactivated, they have violated no more than two policies. You may then file an appeal for the removal of your listings by carrying out the procedures outlined below:

  • Navigate to Seller Central, then select Account Health from the Performance tab.
  • Choose the issue from the column labelled Product Policy Compliance.
  • Comply with the given guidelines. Additional information regarding your product listing may be requested in order to ensure adherence to Amazon policy and terms of service.
  • Submit a letter of appeal that details your intended course of action.
  • Observe your inbox for the verdict from Amazon.

Reactivating your account (or, in this case, your products) requires time and perseverance. Your seller account will be reinstated in due course, provided that you produce sufficient evidence to demonstrate that Amazon erred on the side of caution or if your proposed course of action is unambiguous and practical.

Final Thoughts!

The adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” remains valid. You must frequently monitor the performance of your sellers and be accountable for the health of your vendor account.

Shipping Performance, Customer Service Performance, and Product Policy Compliance comprise the Health page’s three sections. You will be able to see where you’re performing well, where you’re at risk of having your amazon account deactivated, and where you’re approaching the critical period and risk having your account suspended.

As a response to inquiries and concerns raised by Amazon sellers, the company introduced the Account Health Rating system, which provides users with the ability to oversee the health of their accounts.

The Amazon Account Health Rating, or AHR, was globally implemented at the outset of 2023. This novel functionality assists vendors in monitoring the status of their accounts by notifying them of any rule violations and the likelihood that their accounts will be deactivated. 

It is a colour-coded metric that assesses the performance of your sellers in accordance with Amazon’s policies. It provides a real-time score between 0 and 1000, with the magnitude and scope of your enterprise being considered prior to point allocation or deduction. 

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